02 July 2010

In Canada, where folks are never mean

In Canada, they'll treat you like a queen!

I had a roommate my first year at BYU that would sing me those words, a song she learned in elementary school.  I'm not sure I completely agree, but I love that she believes it!

On July 1, my wonderful country, Canada, celebrated her 143rd birthday!

As per Evans family tradition, I loaded up the kids and traveled down to the centre of the universe, Raymond, Alberta, for THE best Canada Day celebration around.

Why, you may ask, it it the best? Well, at the parade they throw candy, of course!

Here's a few shots of our day.  Happy birthday, CANADA!!!
Grandpa-Great got to ride in the parade in Uncle Mark's old car.
4 generations.
 Silas missed the parade, but didn't seem to mind.

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  1. I took some great pictures!! They are amazing! I want your camera...


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