18 July 2010

The Greatest Outdoor Show on EARTH!

For those of you not from Calgary, let me tell you about a little event that happens in Calgary every summer. The 10 day Calgary Stampede turns our little city of oil execs and rig pigs into a crazy city of every sort of cowboy, from the rhinestone variety to the full blown wrangler wearing, bull riding type. "Stampede Grounds" is covered in rides, food stands, historical and cultural displays, and all sorts of entertainment, and millions converge.  It is awesome.

Years ago I was part of the action.
That's me on the far left.  I was a "Ranchgirl" for the Calgary Stampede Rodeo.  It was awesome to be part of something so amazing!

This week I took Eli back to see Auntie Adrienne ride in the rodeo.  He was so excited to see the lassos, although he kept calling the entire thing a "radio," not a rodeo.
That's AJ, riding a million miles an hour, on a crazy horse, holding a flag, with the #1 rule being: if your hat hits the dust, your head better be in it.  She's so cool!
I don't love the midway, I don't love the crowds, I don't love the drunkenness, but I sure as heck love the rodeo and the excuse I have to be a cowgirl once a year!


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