03 July 2010

The thing about "W"

I am a Wiebe.  I've been a Wiebe now for almost six whole years.  I have to admit, when I became a Wiebe it took me quite a while to accept it.  After 23 years, I was pretty attached to Evans, so when I got my drivers license changed, the guy at the registry had to assure me that I was not legally eliminating Evans as my name, I was merely changing what I went by.  Fewsh.

Acceptance is the first step.  Embracing is a whole new level, but I am actively trying to reach that level.

So, let me tell you the advantages to being a Wiebe:

1. As a teacher I just got the whole Wiebe rhymes with Dweeb thing right out there.  Once a teacher announces the insult no junior high student would be caught dead using it.  So not cool.

2.  Being called on last isn't always the worst thing in the world.  After all, it gives you a few precious minutes to finish that assignment, memorize that presentation, or hopefully be saved by the bell. (I'm a chronic procrastinator, so every second helps.) If people are calling around for volunteers or the like, I'm just guessing that they usually start at the top of the list, so by the time they get to Wiebe, quota's filled!

3. In my constant search for uniqueness, there are definitely less Wiebes in the world than Evans. 

4. Pluralizing Wiebe is simple.  Evans?  Well, is it "The Evans are coming to dinner" or "The Evanses are coming to dinner." By marrying a Wiebe I am doing my part to make grammar just a little easier on the world.

5. W is the only letter in the whole alphabet that has more than one syllable.  And it has THREE!!!  Again, very unique.

With so many advantages, whatever was I worried about?!  Surely everyone wants to be a Wiebe, and is dying of jealousy of me right now.  Good thing I am so good at making boys, because one day the lucky girls who marry my boys will have their wildest dreams come true!

In an attempt to embrace the Wiebe in me, I've found a few crafty gems of late to display my love of it.  I am a Wiebe, and I may as well be proud of it!

For the "Wiebe" sign I got the inspiration from this shop on Etsy (have I mentioned lately that I love Etsy, because I do!)  The boys and I spent a few hours wandering the isles of Home Depot looking for the right material.  For five letters I wanted five different textures.  The barnwood I got from Jared's Grandpa.  The rope for the "E" we made when we visited Nauvoo last year with the Snells.  We were supposed to put it on our mantle as a conversation piece, but I think it serves a much more appealing purpose here.

Here's a close up:

The "W" I bought from the sale rack for $1.25.  It was beat up and white, so I painted the sides black, Mod Podged on scrapbook paper (which I had to buy and cost more than the "W"), and sanded the sides to give it a weathered look.  So cute, I know!  The best part... it's double sided, depending on what kind of mood I'm in:

Now that my embracing of my name is underway, what other crafts can I find?


  1. cute post!
    cute sign!
    cute W!

  2. i see you are taking over the house. i won't tell mom. but mom has asked that you do the dishes before she gets home ;)

  3. She doesn't have a home. I believe she's been gone long enough for me to claim squatters' rights!


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