04 July 2010

Just me and Mr. Hookity Hook

I go through waves of crafting. Last week I was having a serious love affair with Mod Podge.  A few weeks ago it was sewing the aprons.  I pulled out three different quilts I want to make next week from my storage unit yesterday.  The past few days, however, I've been quite enamored by my good friend, the crochet hook (the needles haven't been neglected either, I assure you.)  I've tried a few new patterns, and fallen in love with a few.

This is my new favourite hat pattern.  I made the first one last week for Adrienne, for her birthday, which was 7 months ago.  I made another for my cousin Lindsay's new baby Ivy. I was super lame and didn't get a chance to sew the flower on, but she lives in Fort McMurray, and rather than not getting it to her until next Canada Day, I gave it to her to finish on her own.  (Lindsay, send me a picture of your sweet Ivy wearing it once it fits her!)  This newest one I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  The colours are perfect.  I might just have to keep this one for myself (shocking, really.)
I love the rose as much as I love the hat. It is huge, and super easy to crochet.

Chloe is a beautiful model. This little headband is so quick to make, and you can put any kind of flower on it you want. It looks terrible on me, but I love it, so I've made a few, and keep giving them away.

Just pretend it is actually winter and Chloe needs to be wearing Mom's winter parka, and those pine trees behind her are covered in snow. Cute ear warmer, eh?

And, with the excess yarn, another newborn hat.  I need to know more pregnant ladies, or maybe another blog giveaway!

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  1. OK! Love Love Love Love that headband!!! So Cute Jenny!!!! :)


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