23 July 2010

Hitchhiking, A Spring and Two French Fries!

Last week my sister-in-law, Renee, and I went down to Sandpoint, Idaho to get a little break and visit with Jared while he is studying to write the Bar.  This month Renee had something to celebrate, so that's what we did.  We shopped like we actually had money, ate really well, and did whatever we wanted for the week. It was great.  As it should, our trip was not without adventure, intrigue and excitement!  Well, maybe not so much intrigue, but it had enough of the other stuff to make up for that.

First of all, let me tell you about Renee.  She is wonderful, for one, and I just love her.  It was so fun to hang out for a week.  She is Jared's oldest sister, and while they both tell stories of how they didn't get along as kids, you wouldn't know it now.  She is an incredibly talented seamstress: six years ago, when I married Jared, Renee made my wedding dress.

She is also a budding photographer, so I let her man (or woman) the camera for the entire trip.  It is nice to have some pictures of me with the boys, for a change.

Although, she isn't to be trusted entirely. I left her alone for just a few minutes, and what did she do?

We did have a good day of adventuring though.  We were heading into Spokane to take advantage of tax-free shopping, and in the middle of a construction zone, in 32 degree heat, the truck broke down. I thought it might be gas, since the gas gauge isn't very reliable, so Renee graciously volunteered to start walking.  Well, let's be honest: the nearest gas station was 3 miles away, and 3 miles is a long way to walk, especially with a 15 gallon gas can, and Renee isn't really the type to stick out her thumb.  I, however, have found myself in similar situations several times in my life and am not afraid of risking it.  So, I left her with the kiddos and hitched-hiked to town.  The wonderful woman who picked me up then drove me back to the truck.  We filled it with gas. And... it still didn't run.  Plan B.  The wonderful woman loaded up Renee, Rhiannon, Eli and Silas and drove them into town to a really classy restaurant, the Rustler's Roost. I called Jared, who called AAA, and planned on waiting.  I'm not very good at waiting.  I tried to start the truck, and I found as long as I kept the RPMs above 3000, it wouldn't stall out.  Somehow I made it into town and to a shop.  Jared was finished his course for the day, so he came and picked me up and we went to save Renee.  Food had been ordered, kids had been fed, and everything was just fine. Except... my baby, who has thus far in his life only eaten organic fruits and vegetables, was fed by his favourite Auntie Renee two FRENCH FRIES.  Horror!!!  After a few minutes I forgave her though, and we went about our day, all six of us loaded into our little Cavalier, sans carseats, waiting for the truck to be fixed.  Turns out a spring broke. Don't ask me what spring.  One that cost $275 and 3 days to replace.  We spent the weekend dodging cops and cozying up in the Cavy.  It could have been much worse: Renee could have fed Silas a hamburger!

The rest of the week was wonderful though. We did make it back to Spokane, where Renee bought a new wardrobe for her new life, and I got a few things myself.  We spent a lot of time crafting, a bit of time reading, and even managed to get out on the boat for some tubing.

Jared even got to spend a few daylight hours with us, at the Farmer's Market.  Silas was glad to see his daddy.
Eli only wanted to play on the splash pad.
Rhiannon LOVED it, too.
We went for walks.  Eli brought a dolly along.
Look at this beautiful baby. I love him so much!
Roasting Mallows.
Eli doesn't get much sugar.  He really liked the marshmallows.  Me thinks I have an addict on my hands.
Noni was happy to sit in the waves and throw sand the entire time. 
Talk about multitasking.  That's me, ready to drive the boat, pulling Eli and Jared on the tube, nursing Silas.
That's Renee on the left and Eli and Rhiannon squished on the right.  Rhiannon wanted to go faster, and Eli wanted to go slower the entire time.
And Jared got a kick out of shooting at the ducks and geese on the dock.  I'm not much for stepping in duck poop, so I didn't mind.

All in all, it was a wonderful week. It was great for Eli and Rhiannon to play, and for Renee and I to do the same.  I love summer!


  1. I want to come to the cabin and shop with money I don't have, and spend time with you, and roast mallows... i want to do it all. Why am I not there???

  2. You have no idea how badly I want the same. Don't worry my dear, soon enough you will be back in Alberta with me. I can't wait.

    PS We are totally planning on going to Utah for conference to visit you.

  3. Can Shane and I come and ditch town to play at the cabin with you and your family? :P Please, please, please?

  4. Now that the parents are home, you'd have to ask them. If it were up to me, I'd be all over that!

  5. she made my dress too! it looks like so much fun you two. i can't wait to be there!

  6. ok i have a few things to say-
    1- i think i really like that red swim suit your wearing.
    2- im happy eli is carrying a doll on your walk.
    3- silas looks soo stinking cute in that pic.
    and 4- be happy silas was with renae, he might have gotten a lot worse than 2 fries if he'd of been with me!

  7. Shann, the swimsuit is a nursing swimsuit. I love it, but it is about 2 sized to big for me. Sad.

  8. I just discovered this post! I had soooooo much fun on that trip! I promise to never feed your children ANYTHING without checking with you first! I still feel bad about those fries. Silas seems to be ok though.


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