11 June 2011

Victoria Catch Up

Like I said, I'm back in Victoria!  Tomorrow kickstarts Eli's "Birthday Week."  That's right, we are celebrating his fourth birthday for an entire WEEK.  You see, Eli wants a pirate birthday, and seeing as we are in the best place ever to celebrate such a birthday, why not make sure we do it up right.  We just couldn't do that in only one day, so we welcome Birthday week!!!  We're starting it off by going to Buccaneer Days in Esquimalt! It's like The Calgary Stampede, but with Pirates instead of Cowboys!  How can we resist!  We've got costumes, and the boys have done their hair (just wait!), and I have never been so excited for a birthday week in my life (except, perhaps, when I was four - I don't really rememeber, but I'm guessing.)

But until tomorrow, let me grace you with some more beautiful pictures of this beautiful island I am living on.  This one we visited before we left. Can I say that I love castles?  Why are there no castles in Calgary?  I think when I become rediculously rich I will build one for myself. While the vast majority of the time I dream of being part of a Louis Lamour book, sometimes I think it would be awefully neat to be in a Jane Austen novel as well.  Couldn't I combine the two, somehow.  In any case, my castle will look something like this:

 But, my lion fountain will work much better than this:

 And I will have one of these crazy monkey trees in my yard, although, seeing as I will have a castle, I will call my yard a garden, or a courtyard, or something even more delightful.

 Of course, once we got back the first order of business was obvious.  We went straight to the beach to hunt for sea stars. We didn't find any, but we did find crabs.  Lots of crabs. And dead crabs, crab shells, crab legs... you get the point. 


You think we'd learn and bring a change of clothes when we go to the beach, but no, we always leave with the boys in their unders because their clothes are filthy and wet. Oh well, they have fun.

Come back tomorrow for Eli's Birthday Week, 2011!!!  Yeah!


  1. Great photos... I especially love the last one. I am glad that we got to see eachother before we both left...

  2. That is a GREAT monkey puzzler tree! There's one on Arvid's mom's street in Chilliwack, but it's not nearly as big as the one in your picture. Too bad they won't grow in Calgary (I've looked into it).


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