10 June 2011

We're Back

Perhaps I have confused you with my onslaught of posts about Victoria, and then my silence about it.  No, I did not fall out of love.  No, nothing terrible happened.  Yes, I'm back, and extremely happy about it.  You see, only three short weeks into our Victoria adventure the boys and I had to return to Calgary to take care of a few things, the most important of which was that I had to attend a birth, as a doula.  Although the baby chose to come a week late, and although I was itching to be back in Victoria, I was so glad to have been there.  I love what I do!  It was an amazingly beautiful birth, the momma laboured for 15 1/4 hours, pushed out her sweet baby in only 4 contractions, and nine minutes, held her newborn bundle on her chest for half an hour before any measurements or anything were done on her, and then breastfed right away. It could not have been more perfect!  I can't believe how much I love each of the couples and babies that I work with.  My favourite part is watching the dads comfort the moms.  The love I see in the eyes of a husband, watching his wife go through that to bring their baby into the world is absolutely priceless.  Honestly, I love what I do!

If you are wondering what happened with the Slave Lake collection, I'm happy to report that my friend Katey and her family we able to take full advantage of all the wonderful donations.  She still hadn't been home when she came by to go through the bags and bags of things, and she was able to take so many things that she needed for her family.  I was so overcome with the generosity of those who donated as I went through the rest of the things to organize it for donation.  With the outpouring of love from so many people, the people in Slave Lake were pretty specific about what they needed to be donated.  I was able to give what they needed, and anything that was left over I made sure it got to women in need in Calgary (through a few different shelters and organizations.)  Again, thank you so much for showing me what charity really is.  I wasn't the recipient of the donations, but I certainly gained from the experience.  To all of you who helped out, thanks!

Also while I was in Calgary I spent two entire weekends with Jared's family.  It was wonderful.  My nefew, Henrik (I saw him being born, too) was blessed at church, and there was a big family party afterward.  I love baby blessings, because everyone gathers together, not only to welcome the baby into the world, but to welcome them into the gospel, and as part of the plan of salvation.  I love seeing the babies surrounded by the arms of the Priesthood, held up by the worthy members of their family.  It is such a wonderful metaphor for the rest of their lives!  I love baby Henrik so much!

The next weekend I went to a Hudson Family Reunion, Jared's mom's family. I am so blessed to have made it into such a wonderful family. Seriously.  Some would think that a weekend with 50+ people would be a little overwhelming, but for me it was total comfort.  I wouldn't know what to do without the madness of such a big family around me.  We went to the zoo, partied at the church together, and otherwise just caught up on the lives of each other since the last Hudson gathering. I'm not sure how many people are as lucky as me to have in-laws that are as much family as their own. 

 Trying out ape arms.  Check out Eli's mean ape face.
 Eli helped Rhiannon be an ape, too
 You should hear Silas's peacock call. It's actually quite accurate.

Eli and Uncle Michael watching some baby goslings out the window (and yes, I realize that "baby goslings' is a little redundant, but that's what they are.)

 Silas and Aunt Rose.

And while we were at the zoo, we saw this guy:
He was over here, too.

And I think that brings me back to Victoria, where we have just two more weeks to see and do it all. I wish it were a month, or two, but I plan on making the most of it.  I really do love this place!


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