15 June 2011

He's FOUR!!!

How can one not be madly in love with this kid?  I honestly don't know.  It's been four years since I was transformed from who I was into who I am, and I wouldn't go back for anything.  Eli makes me smile every single day.  He has taught me more about myself, my relationships, my God, than any classroom could ever teach.  He has completed rocked my world!  Today will be a day of crazy pirate adventures, treasure hunts, and eating what ever he wants, but for now I just want to declare to the world that I. LOVE. THIS. KID!


  1. For some reason I completely can't handle that he is 4. That seems so old!

  2. So exciting to be moms! These little ones sure do change and mold our lives and make us see things in whole new ways! Happy Birthday (late) to Eli and happy birth celebration to you! I know you have so many more fun years and adventures ahead :)
    Miss you all!


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