21 June 2011

Buy My 'Papes, Sir - Newsboy Hat

I love to knit and crochet.  Okay, maybe my love borders on obsession, which borders on total neglect of my children and husband for hours at a time while I sit, yarn in hand... but whatevs.

On my favourite pattern site, Ravelry, there are over 220 000 patterns available.  Of those 220 000 there are 73 000 patterns that specify that they are for the female gender, be it baby girls, child aged girls or grown women.  Never mind the thousands of clothing items for dolls.  There are only 8 000 that specify that they are for boys.  Okay, forget the math. The point is there are an infinite amount of patterns out there for girls, and a limited amount for boys.  And I get it.  Sweaters, dresses, darling hats with larger-than-your-baby's-head flowers on them tend to be way more exciting than plain toques (Canadian for beanies.)  But, I like to dress up my boys, and I like to make things for them. So, in my attempt to do just that, Silas got a new hat!

No, it isn't meant to be on sideways, but when a 20 month old dresses himself...


Call me lazy, but the quickest way to knit and crochet is to use thick yarn and big stitches.  So these hats are designed to be quick and easy.  Made with bulky yarn (or two strands of worsted weight yarn, even better because you can bust up your stash like mad making these) they only take an hour to make.  That's my idea of a great project.   So, whip out your crochet hooks and crochet up one of these for your own little one, or for the next baby shower you go to.  Put that bag of yarn from your grandma to work!

Here's the pattern for the Buy My 'Papes, Sir Newsboy Hat. (Just click on the link, and it will take you there.)  If you do make one, I'd love to see pictures, or upload them to Ravelry.  Let me know if you have any problem getting the PDF and I will make sure to get it to you.



  1. They look like faces in the last pic.
    I know a few boys who like hats...

  2. @akathemom
    I can teach you how to crochet this weekend...

  3. @akathemom
    ...oh wait, you know how... I can teach you how to follow my pattern this weekend...

  4. Thank you so much for the free pattern I have made two of these one was for a friend expecting a baby boy i would love to show you the pictures but not sure how. I had to make a little altercation though because my crochet is unbearably tiny so i had to add more rows and stitches to it to fit my crazy stitching :) it was so simple and easy to crochet yet so adorable.

  5. I've been searching all night for a good and easy to understand pattern (I'm a beginner crocheter, throwing myself into anything I can get my hands on) and I'm SO thankful I've finally found yours! My only question is that I think I'd like the brim of the hat to have one more row (to stick out just a bit further)... just repeat the row before?? (I know this seems like a ridiculous question, even to me as I ask it... but I've started and redone a hat 4 times just tonight using different patterns and I just want to get it right already!) :) Thanks!

  6. Amanda,
    I'm so glad you found the pattern and that you like it. Yes, you can certainly make the bill longer. I would probably add a row of hdc between row 1 and 2 to do so. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions.

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