14 June 2011

Swimming in Potholes

On Sunday, after church, we went for an afternoon picnic in the park. We are trying to see everything we can while we are here in Victoria, and we'd heard the "Sooke Potholes" were worth the drive, so we loaded up and headed out. Turns out a chilly Sunday afternoon, while not the most ideal time to swim in the Sooke Potholes, is definitely the best time to visit the Potholes if you want them all to yourselves.  It was beautiful, and there were so many perfect skipping stones that Eli almost didn't mind not jumping in.

I spent the time playing around with the settings on my camera! 

"Look mom, this rock looks like a nose!"

 Don't eat the rocks, Silas.

 Eli's idea of dunking himself in the water. 

 I can't get enough of this profile. I love this boy!

 "I'm the leafy treetop!"
And, for the few moments I wasn't snapping pictures, I was enjoying the afternoon from here.

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