13 June 2011

Spider Man Visits Victoria Harbor

We happened to pick the most perfect day to explore Victoria Harbor.  The weather was gorgeous, we found facepainters who were painting for donations (fit our budget perfectly) and there was a bagpipe band performing on the lawn of the legislature building. It really doesn't more perfect than that, now does it?

 I'm not sure what the "Legislative Grounds Protection Regulations" can do, but I think if they don't want a tree climbed, they should probably not have the most fabulous climbing tree accessable to everyone who walks on the grounds.  So there! Spider Man does what he wants, when he wants.

 I've been told that this hotel is where the royal family stays while they are in Victoria. I'm thinking that doesn't happen all too often, but hey, if they need a claim to fame, I'll give it to them. I've also heard that they have the greatest tea EVER (maybe that's why Queeny and her family like to stay there...).


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