24 April 2010

Edythe Allegra Jackson

Today I went my Grandma Jackson's funeral.  I really loved her, and while it was sad to say goodbye, it was incredible to spend a day honouring her.  She was incredible!  In 1982 she wrote her own history and left it with her will.  I couldn’t honour her any better than her own words, so here it is:

Edythe Allegra Jackson

I was born the 7th daughter and 11th child of Isabelle Elizabeth Gibb and John Booth Merrill at Hill Spring, Alberta.

I received my early education at Hill Spring, went to grade 12 in Cardston, one year at University of Alberta and graduated with a BSc from BYU.

I taught four years of High School in Raymond and was Principal for 4 years at Hill Spring, 12 grades.

I married Elwood Jackson. We have lived in 5 provinces and travelled extensively in every province in Canada except Newfoundland. I love Canada and am a devoted Canadian.

I was Secretary Treasurer of the Protestant Sunday School, President of the Protestant Ladies Guild and taught school in the Catholic school system. I was responsible for the rule in the Department of National Defence, that Mormons can hold their meetings in any Protestant Chapel or school building.

I have worked in the Stake Primary, Mutual and Relief Society. I have been choir leader and music director in every organization and sang in the Relief Society Chorus that went to Salt Lake to sing in the Tabernacle.

I have three beautiful daughters, three wonderful sons in law and 9 plus grandchildren.

I have enjoyed travelling; visited Joseph Smith's birthplace in Sharon County, New York, enjoyed the marvellous production at the Hill Cumorah and the spiritual experience of the Sacred Grove.

I have toured restored Nauvoo and visited Carthage and Liberty Jails.

I "walked where Jesus walked" in Israel, boated on the Sea of Galilee, swam in the Dead Sea, climbed the Pyramids in Egypt, explored Petra in Jordon, rode on a camel and Arabian pony, swam in the Mediterranean, viewed the Parthenon in Greece and boated on the Nile.

I have seen the Changing of the Guards, the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, viewed the beauty of Edinburgh and attended conference in Prince Albert Hall when the Stakes were divided in England. 

I have been to Hawaii twice and toured the Caribbean Islands.

I have been to the Ancient ruins in Mexico, Yucatan and Guatemala and to the jungle of Tiki.
We retired in Cardston and I love gardening, quilting, hand work, ceramics and filling my storage shelves.

Since then she had 4 more grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. She also walked the Great Wall of China, explored Australia, and did so much more.  She was an inspiration! I hope I can be like her when I grow up.

Gramma, I love you!


  1. Jenny, It sounds like your grandmother was a wonderful woman who lived a beautiful life. :) It is so nice you have memories of her you will be able to hold so dear forever. I'm so sorry for your loss, but how wonderful it must have been to celebrate her life this day.

  2. Oh my goodness, what an extrodinary woman! Your grandma has now become my inspiration as well.

  3. Dear Cousin, Wonderful! I remember my Great-Aunt Edythe (I'm her sister Annie Jehzell Hendrickson grandson) and my sister is named after her. My sister, Edythe, sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, continuing the Merrill music tradition. Thanks for sharing.

    Tom Isaacson


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