15 April 2010

Goodbye, Hello!

I'm rereading the Harry Potter Series right now.  I've rushed through books 1-6 and thoroughly enjoyed each one.  However, I find myself stalling even starting the seventh.  Why?  Because I know how it ends, but maybe by not reading it I can avoid it.  Because I don't want it to be over again. Because saying goodbye to good characters in a book is like saying goodbye to good friends, and I hate saying goodbye. 

Today marks a major turning point in the life of the Wiebes.  Today we finish a chapter that I'm not sure I am ready to finish.  Today we say goodbye to a lot of things that we will never see again in the same way.  But, today also begins a new chapter, a new hello. 

5 years, 7 months and 25 days of being married to a student
Too much in student loans to count
Five different houses
Frequent flying
Long drives
Holiday adventures with the Sniebes
Visits with Auntie Chloe
The Mitten
Dear friends from The Mitten - the Paxtons, Governs, Jamisons and so many more
Warm spring, hot summer and beautiful fall Michigan days
Downtown Rochester
The Great Lakes
The sales!
Whole Foods around the corner
Detroit Zoo
A simple life where things never seemed to get too busy
My AP/LLL support group of Mommas
So, so, so much more.

Living with mom and dad again
Grandmas and Grandpas
Aunties and Uncles
The Farm, the farmers, the horses, the rides
Crazy family dinners
Family birthdays
Making money (hopefully someday soon)
Paying off loans
Winter like no Michigander knows it

Okay, so my list of Goodbyes could have gone on forever, and my list of Hellos seems rather short. But I guess that's because I've never read this book before: I don't know how it ends. But, after all the goodbyes are said and done, I guess I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds and where it takes us. Hello new life!

Well, I've got to go, I've got to finish Harry Potter!


  1. Congrats on being DONE the life of a student! I know, such a weird feeling when "real life" starts. But it will be GREAT! And as I sit here up in no-man's land, I'm totally jealous of the grandmas, grandpas, and cousins you'll have so close!

  2. I can't believe you are done! I know what you mean about the goodbyes... I am not looking forward to them... I am however looking forward to money coming in...


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