19 April 2010

Giving it all Away!!! - NEW ITEM

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for: the Hands Full of Happiness blog giveaway!!!

There are few addictions that benefit others so much as knitting.  Because, let's be honest, there are only so many knit items one woman can wear, so she must give some of the stuff she knits away. Today you get a chance to benefit from my problem.
There is only one requirement to enter my giveaway: you must become a follower of my blog (unless you live in the last century and only have a Hotmail account, and in that case you need to pledge your undying love to me and I will let you enter anyway.)  Absolutely anyone may enter, you just have to click that little button to the right that says "FOLLOW."  Come on... just click it.

Now that you've got that over with, check out the pictures, pick which one you would love to own should you win this fabulous giveaway, and leave a comment telling me your favourite.  It's really that easy!

On April 30th I am going to write all the names of people who have entered on little pieces of paper, crumple them up and throw them in a hat, and pick a winner!  I'll contact the winner, if I don't have it you will send me your address, and voila, you will be the new owner of one of my humble little creations!

Little Pumpkin - Organic Cotton - Size 0-12 months

Flapper Hat - 100% Superwash Wool - Size 4-5 years

Hermione Hat - Wool blend - Size Small (Woman's)

King Eli - 100% Organic Cotton (so wonderfully thick and soft!) - Size 5-10 years (it fits me)

Boy's Helmet - 100% Wool - 0-6 months

Vine Lace - !00% Acrylic - Premie or Doll fit

Brother Bear - 100% Cotton - Newborn

Baby Meathead - 100% Cotton - 0-6 months (Imagine this with a big wood button sewed on... so cute!)

Marigold's Butterfly - 100% Cotton - 0-6 months

Flower Scarf - 100% Cotton

Girl's Helmet - 100% Acrylic - 0-6 months

Mini Hermione - 85% Merino, 15% Cashmere - 6-12 Months

Flower Girl - 100% cotton - 0-6 months

Lizzie Lou - 100% Acrylic - 0-6 months

Simple Brown - 100% Organic Cotton - 8 years and up

Stripy Leg Warmers - 100% Superwash Wool - Up to 4T


  1. I want this one Flapper Hat - 100% Superwash Wool - Size 4-5 years

    Jenny I love your blog! You are an inspiration to me!!

  2. Jenny I would love the women's small hermoine hat!

  3. I'm all in for King Eli. I've always wanted to learn how to knit. I can crochet...but knitting seems so complicated. I love the leg warmers too. Do I get to put my name in for two of them? Love the blog Jenny. You're a great writer.

  4. please let me withthe flapper hat. it would be so cute on marlie.
    oh and if i have another baby girl, i will definatly add more to my wish list...

  5. They are all so pretty, I don't know if I could choose just one. I like the little boy helmet, the brown bear, and the pink cables. If I win maybe I can narrow it down!

  6. ummmm...pick me! i'll decide later what I want...

  7. Oh my they are all so beautiful! It was a tough call but I just love the Hermoine hat! So cute!! :)

  8. I love the flapper hat! and the hermoine one of course!

  9. i would like marigold's butterfly and mini meathead. i will have children that will be very cute and those would make them look cuter.

  10. I LOVE the flower girl hat for my new baby girl! So exciting!

  11. I have to enter too! I love the King Eli, but really I think you should just open a little store and sell everything.

  12. I love Harry Potter and Hermoine is my hero because she is really smart- so i pick the pink Hermoine hat...

  13. Oh Oh oh ... I REALLY want the new item!!! That would be too cute on Jake! take pity on the poor second baby who doesn't get anything new- but gets parents who finally know what they are doing (in areas outside of knitting) so I guess its a good payoff...but think, now he can be a well adjusted second child with a PUMPKIN HAT!!!

  14. Ok, I guess I'll enter the giveaway! I like the pumpkin hat and the hermione hat and the legwarmers. I'll have to get to you teach me how to make some of these lovely things!

  15. Jenny, you are amazing. i want the lizzie lou and the leg warmers and anything else you want to make me! love you.

  16. They are all wonderful Jenny. You have great talent. With 2 active little ones how do you find the time to do what you do? If I win, I'll let you choose one that will look good on Bella. So glad I saw this on fb. :) Miss you and can't wait to see you.

  17. They are so gorgeous! I can't believe you're willing to part with one! I think the Kind Eli would be my fav since it would actually fit one of my boys and isn't a girly hat :)

  18. Cassie Singley GaddApril 30, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    These are beautiful! Why weren't you making these when we were roommates? I had no idea you had such a talent. I actually have a special request for an orange jumper/dress that you made in high school. That's what I want to win. But, if I can't have that, I suppose my other favorite is the pumpkin head.


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