29 April 2010

Fire Fighter Auntie

Eli "se-weusly" loves his Auntie Adrienne.  He will go to the farm with me if I assure him Auntie Adrienne is there.  He will get on a horse if he can ride with her.  He is convinced that she will give him presents every time he sees her (because she usually does.)

But, yesterday Eli discovered the most wonderful thing of all about his Auntie Adrienne: she is a fire fighter!!! Not only that, but yesterday she was working at the hall just down the street from my parents' house, so we got to go visit her.  Coolest day of Eli's life!

First, we met all the fire fighters at the hall (yes, I sound ultra PC, but when you have a best friend who is a fire-WOMAN, it only makes sense.)  Then we got to explore the trucks.  Eli made sure Adrienne explained what every truck was, and what every element of each truck was used for.

Then he got to get in and drive.

Then he explored the truck and went through all the equipment.

His favourite thing of all was definitely the "lightsaber."
Eli is lucky to have such an Auntie.  Now all I have to do is find a way to keep him away from the fire hall.  Who needs the science centre or the zoo when I've got Adrienne?!


  1. Awesome day out! Cohen would love that! Actually, I've heard fire halls do free tours, so I should get on that. And I can't remember if I commented already, but I was sorry to hear about your grandma, too.

  2. adrienne is so stinking cute. so is eli. this is fun. next time im in town im calling auntie adrienne for a tour. i might bring my kids along too.

  3. no i have to think of something really great so i can be a cool auntie too. Darn you Adrienne!!!

  4. What can I say, I get the terrific position of being all fun and no work. I dont have to enforce any rules and a 2 yr old is really easy to impress. I have even been planning my next move to maintain my position of being the favourite. Look out kid its about to get exciting.


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