19 April 2010

Earth's Birthday!!!

Outside the green is peaking through the brown, the days are getting longer and longer, and it seems perfect that this week we get to celebrate Earth Day. It's a chance, once a year, to reevaluate how we live and what more we can do for our home, Earth.  When I asked Eli what we were going to do for Earth Day he said, "Give Earth a present!"  I think we are going to try just that!

One of my favourite blogs posted this story about a garbage patch discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. Disgusting, gross, despicable!  What amazed me was that the blog author, when hearing of another garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean several years ago, made a decision to stop adding to the problem. She then stopped using plastic.  STOPPED USING PLASTIC!  Okay, so I never use plastic bags when I shop, I always bring my cloth bags.  And, I recycle whatever I can.  But to stop using plastics all together?!  She even canceled her garbage service, so her output must be pretty low!  I could definitely purchase less prepackaged food.  We go through two boxes of cereal a week, not to mention all the snack food I buy for outings.  Sure it's all organic and good for us, but the packaging sure isn't good for the earth!

Here's the list of what I'd like to do to be more eco-conscious.  I know it's a journey and it's not all going to happen tomorrow, but these are the things I think about often, and I just need to get doing:

Grow as much produce as I can and can it for the winter
Never use a disposable bag AGAIN
No prepackaged food - make my own cereal, bread, yogurt, fruit leather, tomato sauces, etc. 
Shop NEW less, and USED more
Don't buy Made in China
Make my own, natural, laundry soap, dish soap and cleaners

Okay, the list could go on and on, but let's be honest, just doing one or two of those would be a major change.  I  can't grow produce without a garden, make package free yogurt without a cow or goat.  One day I will have a farm and be a little more self-sufficient.  But for now I am going to do what I can.

On Thursday, Earthday, the boys and I are going to have a party for Earth.  The plans are still in the works, but we are going to do recycled crafts and all sorts of Earthday activities.  Maybe this year I can make a difference!

PS I found this great Earthday Giveaway, check it out!


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