29 March 2011

Dear Blogger,

When we first met and you whispered the word "free" into my ear I fell hard.  I was convinced that you cared about me.  That you understood about my lack of disposable blogging income.  That you were truly interested in my ability to share my intimate details with the world. That's how you sucked me in, convinced me to commit, how you lulled me into a false sense of security.  And then, just like the schoolyard drug dealer, right when you knew I was hooked, really dependent, you pulled the wool from my eyes!  You tell me that there are limits to our relationship.  You claim that you love me, but only so much (1 gb, to be exact).  You try to convince me that our relationship means something, and that if I will only give you a little something, we can carry on as though this little change of rules never occurred.  Well, you know what, it worked.  The crack you slipped me, with all the promises to go along with it, has taken it's hold.  I can't stop.  While I may like to think I can just walk away, leaving you with over a year of memories together, I can't.  I will pay your little fee.  I will give you what you are asking for. And then? Then I will upload all the pictures I want, and I will shove them in your smug little face! 

Kindest regards,


  1. i cannot understand what you are saying. blogger still loves ME.

  2. If you first upload your photos to photobucket or flicker it stays free... from what I've heard... Check it out.

  3. hopefully you havent paid the fees just yet because there are ways around this - they just take a bit more energy. i think if you first upload your pictures to flickr then you can link the pictures to your page...not sure of all the details but this happened to my friend.

  4. @Leslie
    Good to know! I haven't paid it yet. I knew there must be some way around it. I will definitely be looking into that!

  5. HAHAHHAHAHHAHA I love this Jenny.


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