03 March 2011

We've done it again

Remember the house we were renovating?  Well, without any major mental breakdowns we have finished the project.  It's almost nice enough to make me want to move back in!  In just three weeks we (and when I say "we" I really mean Jared, really):

1. Tore out all the old crappy flooring, the bathroom mirrors, light fixtures and faucets, the kitchen faucets and more.
2. Completely painted the entire house from floorboards to ceilings. 
3. Installed beautiful laminate flooring throughout the entire home (with the generous help of my brother Matt!)
4. Put in new mirrors, lights, faucets, etc.
5. Installed new hardware in the bathroom and kitchen.
6. Painted all the kitchen cupboards.
7. Gave the front of the house a facelift with new numbers, a new mailbox and light.  In the summer we will paint the window frames and stucco and hopefully do something about the maroon soffiting and door. 

It really is gorgeous.  Sadly we didn't get it finished with enough time to get it rented for this month, so hopefully we'll be able to do so for April.  If you know of anyone looking, send them my way!


  1. Wow, it looks gorgeous! Good thing you had so many helpers!! Ben is very proud!

  2. looks great jenny. just move yourself into that house!!! and dont give matt too much credit. he was only there for one afternoon


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