20 March 2011

Welcome Spring

Today is the first day of Spring, and we woke to a beautiful blanket of snow in Calgary.  It's sunny and gorgeous out, so I don't really mind.  But still, I am looking forward to green grass and shorts.

Luckily I just finished another hat, so Silas could wear it to church this morning, on account of all the snow and all...

Whenever people say how boring it is to dress boys, I feel badly that they don't take their boys to church. I just love dressing my boys up like little men in white shirts and ties!  I have as many ties for them as I do socks.  I love it!

Silas has now reached 18 months and is now officially part of the Nursery program at church. Of course he has spent most of his life in Nursery anyway, because I have been serving in Nursery for most of his life, but this week it was official.  He handled it like a champ!

Isn't the hat darling??? It is a vintage pattern from the 1940s, and I am going to make an hundred more!  So stinking cute!

1 comment:

  1. i dont have nearly enought socks or ties... i really need to go shopping.


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