24 March 2011

Pickle Money

If I had a magic genie to grant me a wish, I would wish that my boy's lives would be video taped (and put to music... if he's a good genie) so at any time I could go back and watch the moments that I have loved so much. 

For instance, this week when Eli was freaking out over wearing a t-shirt instead of a button-up shirt and I asked him why he didn't want to wear the t-shirt, and he said, "Because, Mom, my head is bigger than my neck, and if I grow while I'm wearing it I won't be able to get it off!"  Very concerning. 

Or, when he gets to the telephone before me and answers with a "Hi," and then proceeds to tell whoever has called exactly what he is doing with his day, even if that involves his elimination.  We are working on phone manners, and now when they ask to speak with someone he asks, "Would you like to speak with my Mommy?"  Go ahead, call us, see how cute he is.  But, don't leave a message, for it will be forgotten before he hangs up the phone. 

Right now the most wonderful thing that is going on is Eli's new found desire to work and save money. A few weeks ago he decided that he wanted some finger skateboards, just like the Russells.  When he asked if we could go buy some, he wouldn't take no for an answer.  We told him if he wanted to do some jobs and earn some money he could use that money to buy the skateboards.  He has almost been helpful for the last two weeks.  He wiped half the mirror in the bathroom.  He picked up two piles of dog poo in the back yard.  He threw all the toys in our room (plus one bra) into a bucket and called it clean! Really, I have had the greatest little helper, and his rates are pretty cheap!  Yesterday he finally earned enough money to buy the skateboards that he wanted. We carefully counted it up, took out 10% to pay tithing to the church, took out another 10% for his Missionary fund so that one day he can go on a mission, and headed to the toy store with an old pickle jar full of cash.  It took him a good half hour to decide which of the plethora of skateboards he wanted, and which track he wanted to go with his precious boards.  Oh, the decision making of a three-year-old is something to behold.  He then dug out his pickle smelling money and handed it to the cashier.  We brought it home and he hasn't stopped playing with it since. He even called Andy this morning and asked, "Andy, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house and play finger skateboards with me?"  Oh, he is so cute!

So, if anyone is feeling the need to push around a two inch long skateboard, come on over, you'll have a very willing play mate!


  1. i love reading these stories. and i tell everyone i know.
    my kids better be this cute, or else...

  2. Too cute! Brenden saves his money for the Disney movie Cars cars... he's got a huge collection now!
    Looks like he's sharing with his brother too!

  3. they are actually called tech decks...
    chase has the same jump thing. next time we come over we'll bring our tech decks, and play.
    cute that he saved his money

  4. Shann, Andy told him they were Tech Decks and he started again and said, "Andy, do you want to comeover and play Teck Decks with me"
    So we did.

  5. Cute post, you totally need to read Eli "the Sticker Book" in March's Friend! Also, look at him share with Silas! Amazing!


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