05 April 2011

Mayhem at our House

I love my family.  I love that all of Eli's cousins live near.  On Sunday night Shannon and her five kids stopped by on their way home from Hillspring, and for a few hours our hows was absolutely crazy.  With my two, Alice's four and the five Evans', it made for a full house. They played outside for a long time, and then they brought the madness inside. It was so loud, and I AWESOME!

Even Silas and Nixon were in on the action. 

I can't get enough of watching my boys play with their cousins.  And I'm so glad they come to play as often as they do.


  1. I wish I was there! It looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

  2. Fun! My kids are expecting their first cousin this summer and we are so excited for a cousin!!!
    Yaaaaa cousins!


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