23 April 2011

Second Verse, Same as the First...

I've heard that the more a child is exposed to Chicken Pox before they actually get it, the worse of a case they will have.  I'm not sure of the medical evidence of that statement, but antidotally, I have to guess that it is true.  Poor Silas, after being subjected to sharing spit with at least four other people with the chicken pox, has finally come down with a case of his own.  I am so glad that he is really too young to understand just how bad it is, but man, the poor kid is COVERED!

He's even got a few on the inside of his eye lids.  He keeps pointing at them and signing "hurt." I bet they hurt!

So what have I done?  Bathed him lots.  He doesn't seem to notice the itch if he's in the bath.

And let him play outside, sans diaper.  I'm sure glad it's a nice spring day in Calgary, as rare as that is this year.

Oh, the rites of childhood.  Eli keeps telling him, "It's okay, you're going to be really strong after the chicken box go away."  And he's right.  Nothing like natural immunity to strengthen a body.  Still, poor kid. 

And on a philosophical/soap box note: it's funny how something that was once completely normal, in less than 10 years has become so feared.  I have to chalk that one up to pharmaceutical scare tactics.  I have had several people come to me with their unvaccinated children to expose them to my boys.  They all come with a little worry about what others may think of our "Chicken Pox Party."   Even though I have been extremely careful about keeping my boys home while they are contagious, I have been accused of being careless and selfish just for having chicken pox at our house.  Perhaps most other people had far worse experiences having chicken pox than I did, but it seems to me that many people are terrified of something that really isn't a big deal at all.  On the other hand, I have also found this a great opportunity to talk with people about the choices our family makes, and that some people, while they are equally happy about the different choices they have made, are understanding and totally nonjudgmental. Why is it that the rude, condemnatory people stand out more? In any case, I'm glad that my boys have both been able to get chicken pox, that there immunity is stronger for it, and will be for the rest of their lives.  I am also grateful that I do breastfeed my toddlers, because not only have I been able to provide nutrients, I have also been able to give comfort when it has really been needed.  Chicken pox? No big deal!


  1. I am scared of my kids getting chicken pox, I am scared every time they get sick. No one likes to have sick babies (signing "hurt" Ohhhhhh!") but they are a part of childhood. As they should be. I would never vaccinate my children for I fear that far worse.

    In my experience the judgmental, harsh and ignorant responses usually come from those not confident in their own choices and fear yours will make them have to reconsider. I know when I have felt judgmental and harsh towards another views it is usually out of ignorance and fear.

    Ya for getting the chicken pox over with!

  2. Yay, but I heard about this one kid who got it so bad he looked like he has been gnawed by goats!!! So there!!!!


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