22 April 2011

Hop along, Easter

With our lack of income and our lack of a home, I have found I definitely lack the drive to create holiday magic for my boys.  I would love to do so much more, and while I know there are ways to do it without spending a great deal, I just haven't been able to find the motivation at all.  Christmas was very low key this year.  I know presents aren't everything, but one day I would like to be able to spoil my kids if I want to.  My boys were spoiled, but not by Jared and I. Valentine's and St. Patrick's Days passed without so much of a notice.  Here Easter is upon us, and while we will make a great deal out of reading about Christ's Resurrection, there will be little partying going on around here this weekend.

This morning, however, in a last minute attempt to do something, however small, we whipped out our creative energies and made a little fun for the boys. 

First of all we decorated some eggs.  Admittedly, I should have gone to the grocery store and bought a cheep pack of white eggs, but we had these great brown eggs in the refrigerator, which we don't eat, with the whole Raw food thing, and I like brown eggs, so get over it! I also could have picked up an actual egg dying kit, but do you really think it would have mattered on my beautiful brown eggs?  Me neither. So, with brown eggs and puff paint we decorated our eggs.  Eli and Silas couldn't have been more delighted, and I avoided the unsightly stain that dying always leaves on the egg whites - who knows what's in that stuff!

Eli packed his own Easter basket to bring to Granny and Grandpa Hudson's house today for the Annual Easter Egg hunt and Egg roll.  

We were also responsible to bring our own treats to contribute to the hunt, so we figured we'd whip something up for that as well.

Luckily my mom made rice crispy squares for her Young Women on Wednesday, and had tons of leftovers, so we made some rice crispy nests with goodies inside them. Who doesn't love being covered in rice crispy goodness?!

All wrapped up and ready to go.

So there you have it, our Wiebe family Easter celebration.  Not very raw, and definitely not elaborate, but celebrated. And for that, I can pat myself on the back.  This year, anyway.


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