15 April 2011

Super Heroes Brush Their Teeth

Lately we have been very interested in the workings of Super Heroes. It's been working out quite well, as we've learned that Super Heroes eat tomatoes, and Super Heroes get lots of sleep, and most importantly, Super Heroes can't have cavities, so Super Heroes brush their teeth!

Just to confirm that last fact, we took Eli to the dentist yesterday to make sure we weren't mistaken.

Turns out we were right, Super Heroes definitely brush their teeth, and floss, every day!

Eli was glad to learn it, because he's a really good tooth brusher. 

And, it also turns out that dad might be a Super Hero (a fact not yet confirmed), because he didn't have any cavities.

Silas played the side-kick in this episode, albeit he slept through the entire adventure...


  1. i wish you came HERE to have your superheroes' teeth cleaned!

  2. Silas looks like the best sidekick EVER!

  3. lol!!! Silas slept on Jared while his teeth were cleaned, awesome! He must be a really good sleeper... The picture sure doesn't lie, lol!

  4. Hahaha. I heard Eli say, at 3 separate points yesterday, that he was spiderman, superman, and ironman.


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