30 January 2011

We've made it 3 weeks!

Lest you think we are suffering on this raw food diet... we're not!

Silas is very much enjoying raw food. Tonight we had sushi with a sunflower seed rice/tuna pate and lots of veggies.  I hate sushi, I mean really hate sushi, but I actually enjoyed our delicious raw meal!  Really.  Although we couldn't get Silas to smile, (he was too focused on the dessert) here is evidence of the chocolate torte that we made and absolutely LOVE!  Topped with fresh blueberries, it doesn't get much better than this.  With only one more week to go I am having a hard time envisioning myself cooking up a pound of ground beef for a spaghetti dinner, or eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, ever again.  I feel good, really good, and I want this to last. 

We've been talking about where we will go from here and decided that before we are done we are going to have to set some ground rules for once we aren't eating 100% raw.  I think the major thing for me is going to be to avoid processed things. Even though I generally eat organic, natural things, I am all about convenience, and so I eat a lot of crackers, granola bars, etc.  I am going to continue making my own snacks so that I am not tempted to eat that kind of stuff.  I am going to reach for an apple instead of something from a box.  I am not going to buy stuff I can make on my own, and I am going to live without stuff that just isn't good for me.  I am not going to eat things just because they are available.  If I didn't plan on eating it, I'm going to leave it. I'm going to fill my plate with salad first, and then the entree afterward.  Most importantly, I am going to continue actually cooking for my family.  I have loved being in complete control of my own health, and am going to make sure that I continue that.  I am going to make our breakfasts, not pour them out of a box, I am going to make our lunches, not let a "sandwich artist" do it for me, and I am going to make our dinners, not just dump some pasta into boiling water and sauce it up with a canned concoction.  One more week people!  We've almost made it!


  1. Yay us! The chocolate was GOOD tonight!

  2. I'm liking your raw journey. I need to compile all these recipes. Takes so much time, but is so gooooo! I have room for improvement. Nice work.


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