07 January 2011

Goals by the Wayside

2010 was meant to be our year: the year our ship came in.  Well, turns out we're still living in my parents' basement.  But it's okay, because 7 days in, and 2011 is looking pretty good. 

Today I found this in the back of the closet (which is pretty stuffed, considering it contains the life of the entire Wiebe family.)  Sadly, it's full of quite a few unfinished goals. And, we're still praying for peak oil.

Don't look too closely, or I'll be embarrassed by our lack of follow through.

Let's focus on some of the positive:

Eli did take swim lessons, where he went from being scared of putting his head under the water to doing back flips, under water and swinging off the rope swing.  He also figured out the bike.  Just in time for 2010 he learned to write his own name, although it often is written backwards.  Go ilE!

Silas mastered the sit up, roll over, crawl and walk!  He has yet to utter his first word, but that certainly doesn't stop him from effectively communicating exactly what he wants.  For "mo" (our endearing word for breastmilk) he pats my chest and nods his head desperately.  He points and yells for most everything else. What we won't give him he will climb too, and if he can't he will find the closest thing he can carry, move it to where he needs it to be and crawl up on it to get what he wants himself.  We love our little Si-guy.

I didn't journal in my journal as often as I hoped, but I did start this blog, which is pretty good. I still want to write in my journal more, the things I wouldn't put out there for the world to read, but that I want my children and grandchildren to know. I did lose the 30 lbs I wanted to, and I'm feeling pretty good.  I didn't finish the scrapbooks I wanted to, but I do have a standing craft date with Renee where I'm working on them.  I figure as long as I'm done Silas's baby book by the time I have the next baby I'll be doing okay.

While the road has been long, Jared is well on his way to becoming a lawyer in Canada.  He has passed the first test of four that he needs to in order to article in Canada. He will write the other three in two weeks, and hopefully get a job in the weeks after that.  He has done nothing but study for so long, we can't even imagine life doing anything else, but we are looking forward to the day it's over. 

2010 didn't bring us exactly what we planned but I can't help but see blessings everywhere I turn.  We are so thankful to our families that have taken such good care of us. We look forward to the day when we can afford to shower them with gifts of our appreciation.  When we can, we will be moving into the condo that we own in Cougar Ridge.  It is small, but we think it will be a great place to start our life here in Calgary.  We might have to move into our Ranchlands basement suite for a few months in the interim.  Funny how the tiny little one bedroom basement suite feels like it will be huge compared to the bedroom we live in now!  When I think of the stories our parents tell of their first homes and their struggles through school I don't mind a bit the life we are living. We were so spoiled in Michigan that I often dream of living in a big house with a big yard, but I'm okay with living small for a while longer - at least we have more than just a flat of brussel sprouts and a round of cheese! 

Family Home Evening on Monday will bring the Wiebe Family Goals: 2011, and hopefully we'll reach a few more of them than we did last year. 


  1. I like that your family does goal planning. My poor husband is about to hear what we should do around here too!

  2. we are TOTALLY doing this this week. i LOVE it!

  3. Good reminder. We are blessed. And I hate brussel sprouts.

  4. What a great idea. I love planning but don't always write it down... I think I hate when I'm not able to cross everything off :( Guess it's best to learn to let go. Here's to the New Year and all the joy/struggles it will bring ;)
    Amy VH


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