17 January 2011

Expansive doesn't quite describe us...

Huge. Prodigious. Gigantic.  Enormous. Tremendous. 

Really, pick your favourite synonym of "big" and it might come close to describing the Evans Family!  Just wait a few years...

This Christmas all but one (one who we missed so terribly it hurt!) squished and squeezed into our parents' cabin in Idaho to celebrate the season together.  Like I said before, I didn't pull out my camera, and I am just now getting pictures from my sisters, who were more than happy to take pictures, so here you have a few of my favourites, all of which I've stolen from their blogs.

First of all, the Evans Family Photo shoot.  Here we all are, sans Joan (another tear falls):
Um, yup, that's the pic I love, and the one you get.  My favourite?  Merrin. 
15 grandbabies and counting!  A few were not too pleased with the idea of a photo shoot. 

And then there's the Evans girls.  All but Joan.  We are wonderful!
And, my beautiful mom and dad.  Parents to eight and Bumpa and Bumma, Fatboy and Grandma, really, whatever you want to call them, to fifteen and counting!
On to some other favourite pictures for you to enjoy!

We all know I'm a big supporter of breastfeeding in public.  Well, does it count as public when it's as many as we have in our family???  PS Do I look super young in this picture?
I love my dad's smile, and apparently so does Silas!

On the dock with my view of heaven.

Pretty sure I'm going to make a Christmas decoration out of this picture.

And this one's getting blown up and put in Jared's future studio.  I love it!
And, one last one for all to enjoy, because I love my mom's smile too, and I love that Holly and I are wearing twinner hats, and I love that Phoebe's hat is pretty much useless.


  1. i love all of these pictures!
    what a fun family we hav.
    please photo shop my double chin in the sisters picture, and photoshop joan in!

  2. Great pics Jen! They always look so bright and professional! Want to let me in on your editing secrets ;)

    Amy VH

  3. Jenny. I love your family. It's so great to see everyone happy and together! Glad you had a great Christmas.


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