04 January 2011

No Camera in Hand

After years of being the only person in my family with camera in hand most of the time, this year I had three sisters, plus a brother-in-law and a father who had fancy cameras and were happy to document my holiday.  For once I might be in some of the pictures.  If I ever get any of them (hint, hint...) That being said, I have yet to get most of my Christmas pictures, but wanted to share with you some of the joys of the season, so here you get the very few I actually took. 

Christmas was wonderful, as usual. We spent the week of Christmas at my family's cabin in Idaho, then came home for New Years with the Wiebes. Eli is just at that age where the magic of Christmas was apparent, and I loved it.  We were on a very limited budget this year, but you wouldn't know it because of the amazing generosity of people we love.  We were blessed again and again, and had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

 Discovering our stockings!
Santa was good to us!
 Oh ya, and I cut off all my hair.  There's the big reveal, with me just woken up, in my pjs. It will have to do.
 This lacrosse stick was quite honestly Silas's favourite gift.
 Santa had a helper.  Eli loved these!
 Kay, so this pic is the best I can do to showcase the silky pjs that Jared got on Christmas Eve.  That's right, black satin! 

That's all I've got folks.  Sorry.  We did take a few more once we got to the Wiebe's, but Silas was sleeping, so we're missing him in all of them.  Oh well.

 This was the greatest gift EVER!!!  A saddle for Princess.  Eli can't wait for the next warm day!
There you have it, the Wiebe family Christmas. I'm pretty sure that by the time I get all the photos from my family I won't be in the mood to blog about them, so this will have to do.  Merry Christmas to all!!!


  1. i didnt take very many pics either. when you get copies from your sisters forward them on to me!
    christmas was great! thanks for the fun at the cabin.
    and i love jareds jams!

  2. 1) I was also sad I didn't get to see you this Christmas!
    2) I like your haircut

    P.S. You are looking so SKINNY! :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. i just brought in all my film. i will have them back in 2-3 days. and by then i'll be in school wanting to kill myself...so we'll see when you'll get my pictures!


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