28 January 2011

My Testimony

This week has been hard, and while my boys have certainly done some darling things, and while the raw food challenge goes on, I feel that instead of sharing these things I need to share with you my testimony of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, and his plan for us.

You see, this week something tragic happened in our family.  My dear sweet niece came into the world and our Father In Heaven called her back almost immediately.  Her story isn't mine to tell, so I will not go into the details, but what I can share is the impact that the sweet little Amelia has had on my life, even though hers was so short.

This week my testimony of prayer, and of the communication we have with God, has increased.  We went from praying that the baby would be okay, to that she would live, to that she would be cradled in her Father in Heaven's arms until her parents could hold her again one day.  Eli loves to pray and constantly reminds us to do just that. He prays over every meal and multiple other times a day. Through his eyes we have been reminding of the hand of God as Eli has asked, unprompted, for Heavenly Father to take care of his auntie's baby so that we can see her when we go back to heaven someday.  Although we are completely heartbroken, through prayer we have felt comfort and love, and have seen God's hands in our lives.

My understanding and testimony of the Plan of Salvation has grown.  I know that because of the great plan of God we will be able to return to live with him again, and at that time we will be reunited with those who have died before us.  Not only will we be able to see those people again, through the gift of Eternal Marriage we will be united with those people forever.  My sweet niece was born into this covenant of Eternal Marriage, and no matter how short her mortal life was, she will one day be with her family again, and her parents will be able to raise her and hold her close.

I have also felt my testimony of family grow.  All this week, as I have looked at my two sweet boys, I have found my heart overfilling with gratitude for the blessing they are in my life.  The sacrifices I have to make for them seem nominal when I think of what being their mother has given to me. I would not trade the family I have for anything. Last night, when Silas woke up multiple times, and I had to sooth him back to sleep, I couldn't help but spend some time staring at his sweet face and feeling a little bit of that love that the Lord must have for us.  I have also seen Jared's family band together to support their sister and her husband, each in their own way. We have been put here in families so that we don't have to be alone in times of trial. I have learned this week just how imperative those family units are, and am so grateful for mine.

Tomorrow Amelia's parents will bury her.  I can't imagine ever having to do that. My soul aches for them completely. At such a heartbreaking time I am grateful for my understanding of Heavenly Father's plan. The Lord loves us and wants us to be happy.  He wants us to make good choices and return to live with him again one day. He has given us the Saviour, who has atoned for our sins, so that we can do just that. Tomorrow is going to be so hard, but with lots of prayer, and lots of support, hopefully we all will be able to be touched by the spirit, feel the Lord's love, and know that we will see sweet Amelia again one day.


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