04 January 2011

A Vesty for Si-Guy

When I was 13 I sneaked into the Mormon Youth Dance, where I was supposed to only be admitted if I had reached my 14th birthday.  Well, no rules or coveted dance card were going to stop me!  I distinctly remember my best friend Nicole's older brother Gareth asking me to dance, and being sure I was busted and was going to be in unimaginable trouble.  I also remember the Heninger girls singing to me, at the top of their lungs "Dancing Queen" by ABBA.  For the next dozen or so years I remained just that, the dancing queen, living for the next Saturday Night when I could go again to the youth dance, and then young adult dance, seeing people I only ever saw there, and dance away the night.  Many of the people that are still so dear to me I met at the youth dances, including my sweet Jared, my good friend Justin, the Kanes... I'm sure there are more. I was something like Eliza Doolittle, minus the being picked off the street and taught to speak well, but I certainly could have danced all night and still have asked for more. 

I don't dance much any more.  Being a 30-year-old mother of two leaves little opportunity for such things.  Sad? A little.  But I'm over it.  I've found other things to love, and other things to do.  So, with the title of Dancing Queen stripped from me, I've got to claim another throne, and today I think I'll take the moniker, "Knitting Queen."  Not quite as disco song worthy, but I'm also over that.  I am the self proclaimed Knitting Queen and quite proud of it!

Last night I finished a vest for Silas. I actually wanted to make it for Eli, but it turned out to fit Silas just perfect, so a vesty for Silas it became.  And here it is:
Please tell me I am deserving of the title! I got the pattern here, and if you've ever wanted to knit such a thing I would recommend the pattern.  There are no seams and it is a very quick knit.  I love knitting baby things because they knit up so much quicker than huge big people sized things.  Sorry Jared, you're never going to get a hand knit sweater, I just don't have that much attention span.  I think I am to the point where I can design my own sweater/vest, so stay tuned (but not too closely, because it's going to take me a while.)
You can also tell me how ridiculously cute my child is, because a mom can never hear that enough!


  1. Yes, ridiculously cute. And I know the cute ones when I see em.

    We love our hats, they arrived on Christmas Eve. The first time we took them out Jake tossed his (no reflection on his appreciation level, rest assured!) in the mall somewhere. I would not leave until we found it, and we did...in radio shack. Anyways...we love them! If I could get them both to keep them on their heads at the same time I will send a pic!

  2. love the sweater. your amazing. just waiting for something for my kids to wear from you

  3. so so cute. mari likes sweaters. just sayin.

  4. That's the super cute Wiebe genes you see there in Silas!


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