03 November 2011

Sold to the Lady in the Second Row

Today I am thankful for horses.  I sold one of my babies today.  My pony, Zephyr, who was supposed to grow up to be my forever steed, but never really grew UP.  She was miniature, which was quite wonderful for many reasons, but not the life long companion I was looking for.  So, today I finally found her a forever family.  So, I'm down to just one horse.  I think the only other time I've owned just one horse was when I first bought Magic, another one who never really grew UP and had to be sold because of it. 

In any case, I can never express just how much the horses in my life mean to me, and all the relationships I've built because of the horses in my life. When I'm on a horse's back I am happy.  That's it.  It makes me happy.  This morning, as I rode across the field, bareback, 16 weeks pregnant, in the crisp November air, I realized for the umpteenth time just how much I love what I have. 


  1. Remember the day Zepher was born and you called me out of church to come and help? The only other time that happened was the day Kadie was born.

  2. It sounds to me like you have something against miniatures.... You are happy on a horses back- as long as they aren't miniature.... if they are then they must be sold! hahaha... just kidding- I miss you.


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