17 November 2011

Growing Up

Yes, I am 31 years old, I do have two kids and one on the way, I do own two houses and am married to a lawyer.  Still, there are some moments where I feel like I've just grown up a little bit more.  Today was one of those moments.  Being the 5th child of 8, I tend to get a lot of hand me downs.  Awesome! I love it.  Still, today, for the first time in our 7 year marriage, I bought my own couch.  Perhaps this is the first piece of significant furniture I have actually bought (I'm not counting the $150 Ikea kitchen table).  We started with couches from my sister Megan, which were my mother's before her.  The set was mismatched, because she had started recovering, and only gotten half way.  Then I decided to do the same, and only got as far as the pillows, so they were actually covered in three different fabrics. They were awesome.  Then, when we left for Michigan my mom gave us her 10 year old faded blue jean couches. They are actually really nice, but now they are 14 year old REALLY faded blue jean couches, and I'm afraid they won't look very nice in our nice new condo.  So, yesterday I took a big step and went out and bought a new-to-me leather couch.  Okay, so I got it for a song off Kijiji (I love Kijiji!) but still, no one gave it to me, and I feel so grown up.  I'm grateful for the moments of independence and grown-up-ness, and I'm grateful for the potential in the next few years of becoming even more so, with Jared working and all....


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