16 November 2011


I had an appointment with my midwives this morning. I am always grateful for the fact that I am able to deliver my babies with midwives.  Despite the less than ideal birth experiences that I have had, the fact that I have had midwives have saved the day both times.  I am excited to be planning another homebirth and am grateful for midwives that don't balk when I tell them for the third month in a row that no, I haven't gotten my blood work done, that no, I am not going to fill out the diet form telling them everything I've eaten for a week, that no, I don't want them to use the doppler to hear the baby's heart beat, and that no, I will not be having an ultrasound, even though I am 18 weeks pregnant.  I LOVE MIDWIVES!


  1. no heartbeat?? honestly that is one of my favorite things about being pregnent. i feel like its a miricle everytime, to hear that little beating!!
    and it makes me feel like it was ok, to endure those 3 months of morningsickness, because there really IS a little baby inside me!

  2. Sweet little Ede/Ed here in 22 weeks!! I can't wait!


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