08 November 2011


Can I be grateful for the fact that Silas is talking?  Well, I am.  Just in the last few weeks Silas has really decided that talking is a much better way of communication than grunting or yelling, and let me tell you, it is wonderful. It has fully assisted in our most recent accomplishment, potty training.  It provides countless moments of entertainment, like every time he feels cold and cries out, "Cold-y, cold-y." He says every word like it is a whole sentence of it's own: "Egg.  Milk.  More.  Please."  He also loves egg nog, but calls it egg. milk.  He sometimes (often) does things just because he knows the word for it: like when he puts things "Back."  just because he knows "back," or when he asks for water constantly, just because he knows the word "water."  I love the boy no matter what, but I'm really loving watching him discover language!


  1. i love it too! matt and i were just saying the same thing about nixon! i love two yr olds. (except when they are totally impossible...)


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