31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

As I write this Halloween post, I might just be listening to my Christmas play list on iTunes.  But look how well I've done!  The Wiebe children have costumes and look adorable.  Silas and Eli are both super heroes.  Silas costume is almost perfect, except the rubber boots that I went out and bought specially for the costume, and spray painted perfectly silver, never did dry, so red boots it is.  Eli's costume, on the other hand, is a work of art.  Despite my best negotiation skills, at the last minute Eli decided that he didn't want to be the Blue Power Ranger, and that he wanted to put together his own costume.  So, just that he did.  A skull shirt, a super hero cape, a batman mask, a different BabyLeg on each appendage, and his costume was complete.  He wouldn't hear of me making suggestions, and just as well, because he looked adorable. We went to a Halloween party/Trunk or Treat at Auntie Renee's church, and it was fun.  Of course, tonight it won't matter what their costumes are, because they will be bundled up in snow gear (that's right, we got our first snow last night!) So, enjoy the costumes in all their glory right now.

Renee made Eli's cape (It's got a giant yellow "E" on it) last year, and last week we threw together Silas's, with a silver "S" on the back. I've got to convince her to do a guest post with a tutorial, because I think every kid needs their very own super hero cape, and they are super easy.

 Jared was the robber, and the boys were the super heroes that stopped him from stealing all the candy.

And there you have it.  A Wiebe family Halloween in all it's glory.  Tonight we will hit a few houses, and tomorrow we will dress up one more time for the 4th Annual Evans Centre Halloween Candy Buy Back at my dad's dental office to get rid of all the candy.  And the next day... Christmas begins!!!

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  1. I was always jealous that Eli would let you dress him. I guess that phase has passed, HA HA! Happy Halloween Superheroes. Your pioneer girls miss you! We met one of your LLL friends tonight, hypnobirthing teacher with two girls, Olivia and an older daughter. Love you :)


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