14 September 2011

Hi-Ho, The Derry O

The farmer built a fence!

Last weekend we had a work day at the farm.  Jack had a fence, which I didn't take any before pictures of, but which was about the most derelict fence you've ever seen.  You see, for years it was a fence that kept goats in... or rather, a fence which tried to keep goats in.  There were so many pieces of this and that just holding the fence together.  First we tore the old fence down, replaced a few posts, and strung new, clean, sharp wire!  It was a fun day, and the boys were great helpers.

Eli spent most of his time with Jack doing real man's work!

Silas was quite content to hammer.  He wore through his plastic, Home Depot hammer and moved on to a real one. 

And after five hours we had a fresh new fence, just for Jack.  Most of you can't appreciate just how nice it is, but trust me, it's nice.  Here's to no barb wire incidents this month...


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