15 June 2010

Three years ago...

Three years ago today, this is the face I stared into when I fell madly, deeply, wildly in love:

 Then, two years ago, that face had transformed into this:

Just last year, this is the beautiful face I got to look into:

 Today is the day that my baby turns 3.  Three.  THREE-YEARS-OLD!!! I know it`s the age old cry, the denial that my kids are growing up, but I can`t believe it: MY BABY IS GROWING UP!!!

And today, this if the face I get to love:

 I love my Mr. E.  I love him so much, most days it hurts.  Happy birthday, Eli!


  1. I love that he smiles SO BIG! It reminds me of you! Happy Birthday Eli! Are you going to Raymond for July 1st?

  2. he smiles just like his auntie chloe. happy birthday E!


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