03 June 2010

The Sniebe Adventures Continue

After our week in Michigan we spent a week in Ontario.  We met up with half of my family, (Alice and Aaron were visiting Holly, and Joan was staying with her while doing a massage course in Toronto) and spent the rest of the time with our friends the Snells.  We did all the things that we never got to do while we were living out there: Medieval Times, The African Lion Safari, St. Jacob's Farmer's Market, Canada's Wonderland.  It was so much fun.  The weather was beautiful, the attractions were a blast, and the company was unbeatable.

Eli was a robot.  A robot... with a gun.


 Look at that face!  Who couldn't love that face!!!

Canada's Wonderland!
 We can't wait for the Snell's to move back to Alberta, where the Sniebe adventures can resume!


  1. My heart is still pounding! I thought the picture of Eli in the saucer swing was a giant human slingshot! Looks like you had a blast.

  2. The Robot with a gun is a classic Halloween costume. Nice work Eli!


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