05 June 2010

In all the world, our nest is BEST!!!

Today I watched two very determined robins build a nest... right on top of the door to our back yard.  I wondered if I should have stopped them, informed them that they would not be happy there, that they would never feel safe with all the kids and dogs running in and out constantly.  But, somehow, I just couldn't bare to break it to them.  I was too enthralled with their beauty, with the skill in which they gathered, collected and built, the way they worked together, obviously communicating about what to gather, and how to use it.  As we watched them come back to their evolving nest, time and time again, with "all the hay, all the straw, all the string, all the stuffing, all the horse hair and all the man hair they could carry", Eli and I read The Best Nest and sang, at the top of our lungs, 

I love my house,
I love my nest, 
In all the world
My nest is best!!!

Once they figure out that the exit from the Evans' house is not ideal, I am certain that they will abandon their nest and search for another spot to build. I hope that those two little birds, whom I can't help but imagine are deeply in love, do find the place that they can sing about, the best nest.

1 comment:

  1. Ummm - I'm pretty sure that mom will place a lock on the door and not let anyone use it till they move on. She's like that.
    And this is Alice.


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