08 June 2010

Day 4

The anti-gift giving ogres were out to get us today.  Seriously.  Wanting to get Eli involved, we went out this afternoon with a pocket full of change to fill parking meters down town.  I figured we could top up all the empty and almost empty meters we could until we were out of change.  Well, in the three years I've been gone from Calgary parking meters have apparently gone out of style, because all I could find were "Park Plus" kiosks, where you pay for your parking stall.  I had no way of knowing how much people had paid... it was oh so frustrating! 
So, we had to change our plans.  Instead we went home and made balancing butterflies as a thank you for our friends we stayed with in the East.  It was Eli's first watercolor experience, and I believe he did just fine!  The gifts won't be received for a week or two, when the postman delivers them, but it was given today!

Honestly, four days into this, I am a little surprised at how difficult it is to deliberately gift something every single day.  I mean, there are lots of things I can call gifts, like cleaning up around the house for my mom, or mowing the lawn, but I'm really trying to do things I wouldn't necessarily do otherwise.  Four days in and I feel this is going to be much harder than I thought.  And, while most days I think I am going to have to plan the gift, I really hope that I will find some opportunities to give where I didn't plan.  The great thing is, because of this challenge, I've got my eyes open.

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  1. I think this is a great idea Jenny. I might just have to hop on board!


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