03 June 2010

29 Day Giving Challenge

Sometimes I feel that all I do is give.  With two sons it is hard not to feel that way, sometimes.  I gave birth.   I give milk.  I give love, cuddles, lullabies.  I read books.  I make breakfast, lunch, dinner...  You get the picture.

Yet, when I really sit back and evaluate my life I can't help but see just how fortunate I am.  I have two, amazing, wonderful, sweet little boys.  I have an incredible husband who bends over backwards to make me happy.  I have parents who are willing to house my small family when we have no job and no place to live.  I have friends who forgive that my brain is sometimes not what it used to be, and sometimes I am late, and sometimes I forget, and sometimes I just can't be the person I was before this was my life.  I have faith in Jesus Christ, which carries me through life's trials when nothing else can.  I am truly living the life I have always wanted to live, and who can ask for more?

I have a friend, Rachel, who has joined the 29-Day Giving Challenge.  Basically, all you have to do is give a gift, be it an actual physical gift, your time, money, etc., every day for 29 days.  What a wonderful way to make the world a better place.  Despite the fact that I feel I give so much to my boys, teaching my boys to be Christlike, the one who gave his life for each of us, is the greatest thing I can do.

So, here I go.  29 days.  I've signed up, and I'm committed.  While I can't imagine that I will disclose every gift, I will try to document my experiences here.  Feel free to join me.  The world could use a few more gift givers!

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  1. I am your first follower- i think that makes me your number one fan. I like you. And your giving.


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