25 October 2013

The Joy of Boys

My best friend is a firefighter. Her husband is also a firefighter. While this may seem like a perfect situation to most moms of boys, it actually poses huge problems in my home.

Typical scenario:

E and Si are playing firefighter. Silas wants to cut down trees with his firefighter axe. Eli insists that the axe is only to be used for chopping into buildings to save cats. This is where it gets messy. Eli insists he knows because Adrienne told him so.  Silas screams back, "Kevin told me it's for trees."  Now, I'm not entirely sure if Adrienne or Kevin have ever pontificated on the proper use of firefighter axes with my boys, but each of my boys is sure they have been given the authority by their favourite firefighter to declare what axes are for. 

Of course, mom is not an expert, and so no matter of explaining that axes may in fact be used for many tasks will make do.  And, Adrienne and Kevin are, of course, across the country enjoying the peace of the East Coast, while I am at home waging war over their mixed opinions. 

Eventually Silas gives in (since, in reality, his big brother knows way more than Adrienne or Kevin put together) and admits that he was just joking, and the axes begin saving cats the world over. 

And this mom finds some peace, for a few minutes anyway.

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