08 November 2013

Halloween 2013

If there were a holiday I could do without, it would definitely be Halloween.  I'm a total party pooper, but seriously?  I just don't like it.  Which is why, when Eli planned on being a mummy for an entire month, I broke it to him three days before the big day that he had to pick a costume from the dress up box.  And when Silas wanted to be a vampire bat more than anything, I convinced him he actually wanted to be a knight, which he may or may not have been the last two years.  I did get a little creative when Eli came up with a "Coon skin hat" and a musket, and made him a Davey Crockett shirt (out of a tunic and a old curtain I bought at Value Village).  He doesn't know who Davey Crockett was, and neither did anyone who saw his costume, but he felt cool all tasseled up.  And hey, they got to eat ton of candy, and the Halloween fairy and "Dr Evans" took care of whatever was left after Halloween night, so they were happy in the end.

Here they are in all their costume box glory!

Of course, on Halloween night they needed costumes they could wear their snow suits under, so here they were in their revised costumes then:

And this one, because Aaron is amazingly creative, and everyone needs a little Aang in their lives:


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