01 October 2013

I'm back!

I don't know if there is anyone left out there who still comes here to my little corner of the interwebs, but here I am.  It's been over a year since I consistently blogged.  It's silly, but I've missed it.  This has been my little place to record and share. Perhaps if I kept a consistent journal, or an up to date scrapbook I wouldn't miss it so much, but I do.

So much has happened in the last year.  So very much.  Most of it I still can't talk about, but we are praying that soon we will be able to.  The rest of it is just normal life stuff.  Let's see if I can do an overview of the Wiebe life since last summer...

Eli was 5 and therefore could have started attending kindergarten, but we have decided to keep him at home and school here instead. I love it.  Last year we didn't do very much directed learning, but we kept very busy and had a whole lot of fun.  Eli continues to amaze me.  This is a picture of him the last week of August at his first ever day camp. He went to a drama/dance class and enjoyed it so much. He was the "lead" in the play they preformed at the end of the week, playing the convincing roll of the "Great White Shark."

The Calgary LDS Temple was finished and dedicated in October.  We felt very blessed to be able to go through the open house with our family, and many of our friends.  Having a temple in our city is a huge blessing that I am grateful for every day.

Also in October, Jared was admitted to "The Bar" and made a full-fledged lawyer.  It was pretty awesome.

And, at the party after his Bar Call, Jared didn't miss out on any of the festivities.

On November 15th, at just over 7 months old, Atticus got to experience what the rest of us enjoy every day: solid food.  His brothers enjoyed right along with him!

I'm kind of a bad mom when it comes to feeding my kids, since all of them prefer breastmilk to solid food any day, so bits and pieces of mushed up food is about all they get.  Atticus never seemed to mind.

Jared's folks left for Halifax, Canada, to serve a 2 year mission for our church in October.  We miss them dearly and pray for them daily, but are grateful for the good example that they set for us.  Before they left we did manage to get the entire Wiebe clan together for a nice family picture.

Okay, okay, we did take a nice one.

We spent Christmas at my parent's cabin in Idaho, where we bought really ugly turtlenecks...

Got new PJs on Christmas Eve...

Had tons of fun on Christmas morning...

 And the boys got their first pair of skis!!!

2013 brought tons of excitement, change, and lessons in patience (not sure if that lesson is learned quite yet...)

When we lived in Michigan I made two of the best friends a girl could have, Sarah and Irina. For Christmas their sweet husbands gifted them a flight to Sandpoint. So, in February, Atticus and I loaded up in the van and drove to Sandpoint to meet them. We didn't have nearly enough time to enjoy each other's company, but it was glorious and much needed. I love these girls and can't wait until our next holiday together.

Back home in Canada we enjoyed an extremely long winter. The boys had passes to Canada Olympic Park. and so got some good use out of their new skis.

In the spring we decided it was time to move from our little two bedroom condo to something fit for our growing family.  We thought about moving back to our old house in Ranchlands, but I couldn't bring myself to live next to the woman next door, so we sold it, sold our condo, and moved to a wonderful, detached little house just 17 houses down from my big sister, Alice.  We love it. Of course, less than a week after we moved in the floods hit Calgary and for almost a month all of our spare time was spent helping the people in Calgary and High River who were devastated.  So, it took a while to really put together our home, especially once summer hit, but we are getting there and love it so.

This fall we have continued on our homeschooling journey.  We are registered with a traditional homeschool board, which is just perfect for us.  Eli is taking drama, art and piano lessons, and Silas is doing art, a sport variety class, and a weekly playschool co-op with some friends from Church. Atticus will be 18 months in a week, and has just started talking, kind of. Until 2 weeks ago he flatly refused to communicate beyond grunts and screams. On Silas's 4th birthday he surprised us with about 10 signs and a whole ton of words. I couldn't tell you what his first word was, because he said them all on one day. He's an awesome kid and we are lucky to have him.  We are busy and tired and having tons of fun.

So, there you have it.  Our year in a nut shell. I will do my best to stay better caught up in the future, and even go back and fill in the gaps from the last year.

Until next time,



  1. You looked so gorgeous at Jareds bar call!!!!!! I love your family!

  2. You are beautiful!! Love the pictures!


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