09 July 2012

Dear Walmart Lady

Dear Walmart Lady,

Today, as my 2-year-old had a wild fit in the middle of the isle, stopping all passerbyers from passingby, I thank you for the smile you gave me.  The smile that said to me in such a short moment, "Don't worry, I've been there and understand. Take your time and care for your child, I'll try my best to pretend I interested in these peas while you figure out how to gracefully deal."  As I attempted to scrape the 30 lbs of screaming mess off the floor, you kindly spoke to my older son, asking him about his new little brother. 

You looked very different when I saw you later that same day in the changing rooms at the department store. All I wanted to do was try on a bra, to find something that contained all that is now my body.  But it must have been you, because it was with total kindness (and a little surprise) that you gently guided my escaped child out of your change room and back to mine.

And wouldn't you know it, I saw you again (although I hardly recognized you) when you offered to hold my baby when I found myself with a desperate-to-pee two year old and no hands to help pull down underpants.

At Costco you showed up, and I was blown away when you asked if you could give me all of your old baby carriers.  You just wanted them to go to someone who would use them.

And funny, there you were again, sporting a different face altogether, at the grocery store.  You emptied my cart for me, because my baby was screaming and needed to nurse just as I got to the till.  I tried to help, one handed, as I nursed him in my sling, but you gently told me to do what I needed to take care of my baby and finished the job for me.

I didn't catch your name and I don't know if I'll ever recognize you again until after you've done something else for me, but I wanted to say thanks.  Thanks for understanding and not judging me.  Thanks for being there at the very moments that I need you.  Thanks for reminding me that in a world where differences so easily divide, it is also very easy to make all the difference in the world. I hope you don't mind if I try to be you to some other woman who might need a little help in this world.  I think everyone needs a Walmart Lady in their life.

Love, A very grateful, very humble, Me


  1. this post brought tears to my eyes. sometimes being a mom is hard, but seriously nothing makes you feel better, than to have another woman understand what we are going through with these little kids, and help us out, even if its in the simplest way. thanks for the reminder to do good to other people!

  2. Gave me chills and such a happy heart. So wonderful when we receive loving support from places we do not expect it. Thank you for sharing :)
    - flavorfull1

  3. That was wonderfully written and so lovely!

  4. love this too- now- can I be the one that you give all your carriers to? maybe I should get out more.... But seriously, it was a nice reminder to be more like walmart lady.


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