05 July 2012

Blessing Day

On Sunday June 3, 2012 Atticus was given a name and blessing by his daddy at our church.  I love baby blessings.  I love watching as the tiniest of babies are surrounded by good men, who hold the Priesthood of God, and give that little one a blessing.  In Atti's blessing circle was his Daddy, his uncles, Aaron, Matt and Matt, Tyler, Mark, Arvid, Doug, Brad, his two grandpas, Bumpa and Grandpops, and his Great Grandpa Hudson.  It was a huge circle, but so wonderful.  

The biggest trick on blessing day is to keep baby clean, all dressed in white, until after the blessing, at least.  Since sleeping babies make the least mess (as long as I can keep big brothers away), I made sure to nurse him first, dress him quickly thereafter, and then keep him asleep right until the blessing. He was asleep before we left the driveway!

Each of my boys have their own blessing suit.  Renee helped me with the first, but because Eli was so tiny when he was born, there was no way it would have fit Silas.  So, Renee offered to sew up another for him.  When Atticus was born it just seemed necessary that he have his own as well, so I showed Renee what I was looking for, and she went to work. I sewed the bow tie, and knit the hat, and doesn't he look adorable?!

 The blue blanket is the very one that Jared was blessed in when he was a baby. His Grandma Wiebe knit it just for him. 

I love this look of Atti's.  He's a dream, and I love him so much!

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  1. I love that your pics are in my yard! And I don't think I saw the hat that day. I love it!


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