11 July 2012

Adventure Journal 2012 - Waterton

If you're from Alberta and you've never been to Waterton National Park, let me tell you, you don't know what you are missing. It is lovely, and wonderful, and you seriously need to go. NOW.

We really wanted to go to Waterton for the entire July long weekend. We had visions of tenting it in the camp ground there, hiking every day, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. However, the campground was full, so we had to make other plans. We headed to Raymond, pitched our tent in my brother's back yard, and planned a day trip to Waterton instead.

It turned out a blessing, because on the first night there was a major storm in the middle of the night, and I got sick (like puke my guts out sick), and so we went into the house and slept there instead. Our day trip, due to my budding relationship with the toilet, was shortened as well. But, we were determined to make it to Waterton, so as soon as I emptied absolutely everything in my stomach, thereby reducing the likelihood of further puking, we jumped in the ol' minivan and headed out.

Have I mentioned that I love Waterton? It was really busy, being the long weekend and all, and we really just wandered around and checked out the sites, but it was still fun. We will have to go back again this summer for a real adventure, but our short perusal was even worth the drive.

We walked through town to the shores of Waterton Lake.  It's a glacier fed lake and incredibly cold.  When I was little my Grandpa Jackson used to offer us a dollar a stroke - out.  You really had to determine how much money you wanted, and how far you could possibly get before your muscles started ceasing.  I remember my brother Matt and cousin Eli needing to be rescued because they couldn't make it back to shore - but they definitely made the most money doing it. 


We stopped to check out the Prince of Wales hotel.  Excess Baggage anyone?  (If you know that reference, you are officially my favourite.)  Maybe one day our Waterton plans will include a room at the Prince of Wales instead of a 10 person tent at the camp ground. Maybe.  

 We stopped for a short picnic lunch, which Atticus fully enjoyed. Have I mentioned what a wonderful baby he is?  Well, he is. I love him.

And then we went to Cameron Falls, and our planned hike actually became just walking up the paved path to the lookout above the falls. It was dangerous though, at least according to the signage.  That's okay, it gives us a reason to go back, soon. 

Another successful adventure under our belts!  I'm beginning to like this summer.

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