04 July 2012

Adventure Journal 2012 - Shuswap

Eight years ago this May I got my first taste of what it is like to vacation as a Wiebe.  Who knew that skilled wielding of a hammer and bathrooms with no sealings are necessary for a successful holiday. Don't tell anyone, but I don't think I have ever swung a hammer at the Wiebe family cabin, and I used that sealingless bathroom as little as humanly possible that weekend. I do do a whole lot of cooking and washing while I'm there to make up for my lack of hammer swinging... and reading and knitting, which is actually my idea of a vacation.  Anyway, this May long weekend Jared and I packed up the littles and headed out to Shuswap to enjoy the rainy weather at his cabin, and reminisce about the same weekend eight years ago when Jared first took me there and asked me to be his wife. So glad I didn't let the rustic cabin scare me away, and the fact that he threw the ring that he proposed to me with in the lake...!

But wait a minute, this isn't about then, it's about NOW. 

So, can I count our trip to Shuswap as an adventure.  Let's say yes, okay?  Managing to eat raw the entire weekend was an adventure in itself. 

Granny and Grandpops came along with Renee and Rhiannon; Uncle Doug and Aunt Andrea and their family were next door (Uncle Doug is Eli's absolute FAVOURITE great-uncle, hands down!); and all in all it was a fantastic, albeit very short, holiday. 

Silas cannot get enough of  his little brother (whom he still calls Baby Brother without fault).  He can stare at him and kiss him all day long and not tire.  I love it!

Eli and his cousin Rhiannon get along so well.  Here they sit, on the stairs, while Rhi does Eli's hair and Eli reads her a book.  I love them!!!

Both boys had to help daddy drive the boat, of course.  What will happen when Atticus gets a little older???

For now he didn't mind being held, snug as a bug, by his momma.

His first hike (and mine!)  

Silas didn't last.  Good thing daddy's so tough!

And a family picture before we left.  Typical Wiebe photo.  


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