17 March 2012

Victorious of Patrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day, all.  Today we drove through down town Calgary, twice, and were - or maybe weren't - surprised to see the bar line-ups starting in the AM, and ridiculously long by 7 PM.  I'm so glad I'm not part of that scene. 

Instead, I spent the morning with two elves of my own, devising all sorts of ways to catch leprechauns. We were leaving for Cardston for the afternoon, and wanted to make sure if one stopped by our house, we would know about it.  This is what we came up with:

Leprechauns love gold... and green... right?  Well, we were pretty sure they did.  So, we lured them in with gold, and left the house feeling pretty confident that when we got home a few hours later we would have a leprechaun of our very own. 

But... when we got home those tricky little elves had not fallen for our trap.  They must have, however, appreciated our golden offering because they didn't trash our house, instead they left us some replacement goodies and some footprints to prove themselves there.

 Apparently they are no respecters of chocolate coins, because they were happy to leave us with Canadian ones, not Irish! 

The boys could only have been more excited if we had been able to catch the two little elves, but the chocolate certainly abated their disappointment. 

It was a perfect day to celebrate green, and we did it up well!


  1. Oh my goodness! How did the tradition go from Santa elf footprints in the snow to leprechaun footprints in the gold? Tell Eli I will bring my Elf and fairy book tomorrow to read the leprechaun story if he will bring the footprint paper to show Grandma.


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