27 March 2012

Baby Stat Poll!

So, apparently I'm going to have a baby soon.  Very soon.  Eek.  I'm excited to meet this little on inside my body.  Is it a boy or a girl?  Will it have dark hair like Silas did, or no hair, like Eli.  Will it look like me or Jared (since we can only come up with one or the other, no blending at all.)  I am really getting eager to know just who it is inside of me.

So....  what do you think?  Comment here with your guesses, and I will put them in the baby book that I will probably never get around to making (that's promising, eh?) 

Here's what I'm looking for:

Birthday -
Gender -
Weight -

Just so you know, my completely unofficial due date is "the middle of April."  Sorry, that's all you get.  I don't believe in due dates, I believe that babies decide their birthdays.  It really is "the middle of April" though.

And, for the record, Eli was born at 35 +5 weeks, and weighed in at 6lbs 4 oz.  Silas was born at 40 +1 weeks and was 8lbs 4 oz.  

And Meg, make sure Sam guesses!


  1. Ooh, fun. Hmmm. Girl, bald, 7lb 14oz, April 5.

  2. boy
    Apr. 21
    9lb 3oz
    what do i win??

  3. girl
    April 23 (at home!)
    8Ibs 2 oz

    Since my "due date" is the end of June I don't even know what month I will have a baby...(I don't know the official due date but I do know she is a...she...so that keeps me going:)

  4. Oh wait...35+5 huh? I missed that...REDO! April 6...still girl...bald:)

  5. Shann, which is it???
    Mindy's my favourite right now with her April 4th date.

  6. I will just give all the stats for my youngest son and see if it's the same. LOL
    April 25
    8lbs, 15 oz.
    Boy, tons of dark hair
    wouldn't that be too funny if it were all the exact same? LOL

  7. Girl; April 9th; 7lb 4oz; blonde wisps; looks like ME!

  8. april 13 (before i leave for paris) or may 1 (after i get home)
    6lbs 8oz

  9. April 7
    7 lb 11 oz
    Can't wait for the news! And if you think about it and want to email me any info on the capsulization (my midwife had never heard of it) or water/home birth stuff - I'd love it. (But I know how short time is now so no worries!) xoxo

  10. April 22
    8 10

    I'm undecided on the gender, but decided to play it safe. Boo. Love you!


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